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Worker's Comp Insurance

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Workers Comp/Liability

Security For You & Your Employees

Owning a business means that you may have employees that work for you. State law mandates that these employees, whether they be from your office staff, drivers, or your production employees be covered under a workers compensation policy. Workers comp provides coverage for an employee in the event of injury on the jobsite. Workers comp also provides temporary and permanent disability for employees whose injuries prevent them from working again. Workers compensation also provides benefits to a widowed spouse if the employee is killed in a work related accident.

Do not overlook workers compensation insurance, as it is required by the law for all of your employees, regardless of their position within your company. If you do not currently have workers comp insurance, or you are not properly covered, one severe injury can bankrupt a company. Please call a Swanson Insurance agent today to learn more about this valuable coverage for your company.


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