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Howard Hustedt - CEO

Why Swanson Insurance & Real Estate?

Our Competitive Edge

Insured’s are in for a pleasant experience when they ask the Swanson Insurance & Real Estate professionals to review their insurance programs. The Swanson Approach to “Risk Management” and insurance analysis follows these specific steps:

Risk Identification

The first step in risk management is to identify the risk(s). Upon completion of the identification process, your risks will then be analyzed.

Risk Analysis

Risks can be eliminated, assumed, reduced, or transferred. Our Staff will analyze all existing coverage’s and make property inspections. Swanson Agency Professionals constantly study the insurance market allowing us to provide you with the best insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost.

Decision Making

After completion of the analysis, the insureds and the Swanson Insurance Experts will sit down for careful consideration of the risk management problems. Then a decision can be made as to the best possible way to protect the insured from the risks involved.

Servicing The Account

Policy endorsements reflecting changes in exposure, providing proof of insurance, claims handling and other account maintenance have all been done efficiently to assure the continued quality service our insured’s have grown to expect over the past 60 years.


The Swanson Team goes above and beyond our competition. Once your insurance plan is in effect, our Staff maintains periodic reviews to make sure your program is kept up-to-date with changing circumstances. The resulting program will provide the peace-of-mind that comes only with adequate protection and the knowledge that the Swanson Staff of qualified experts has formulated a program specifically designed for your needs.

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