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Howard Hustedt - CEO

The History of Swanson Insurance & Real Estate

On September 1st, 1939 Harry C. Swanson moved to small town Odebolt, Iowa. After being in the popcorn business for a few years, a friend of Harry’s became deathly ill and could no longer run a local insurance agency. In 1947 Harry took over and ran that agency.

On October 1st, 1951 Harry’s son, Richard C. Swanson, entered the agency as a partner. Upon Harry's death in 1968, Richard became the sole owner. Shortly after becoming owner, current C.E.O., Howard E. Hustedt, came on board. The agency has experienced continuous, strong growth ever since.

Howard E. Hustedt - Current C.E.O

He and wife Marcia have six children and 19 grandchildren. Graduate of Buena Vista College and former school educator, Howard joined the agency in June of 1969.

Al Wilke - Current President

He and wife Kathy have three children and 9 grandchildren. Al is a graduate of UNI, a former school educator and joined the agency in June of 1979.

Mick Menage - Current Vice President

He and wife Carolyn have two children and 1 grandchild. U of Iowa graduate with a Masters from the University of South Dakota. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and former educator. Mick joined the agency in June of 1980.

Gordon Boerner - Current Secretary/Treasurer

He and wife Linda have two children and 1 grandchild. Graduate of U of Iowa, Gordon joined the agency in March of 1995.

More Notable Staff

  • Richard Swanson still makes his way to the office almost daily to visit but has been retired for some time.
  • Ruth Youngren - December 1972 to current
  • Karel Molhoff- October 1979 to current
  • Dick Duffy - September 1999 to current
  • Bobbie Scott - November 1999 to current
  • Tammy Uhl (Creswell) - January 2003 to current
  • John Currie - January 2004 to current
  • Judy Hemphill - May 2004 to current
  • Tammy Hustedt - December 2004 to current
  • Bryce Hustedt - January 2007 to current
  • Terri Bauder - Febuary 2007 to current
  • Katie DeJean - October 2007 to current
  • Curtis Larson - January 2008 to current
  • Jason DeJean - January 2009 to current


Corporate Image History

Original Swanson Logo1947 – 1998
The original Swanson Logo was drawn by Richard Swanson. The logo features the initials H.C. on the left banner for Harry Swanson and right banner has the initials R.C. for Richard Swanson. Swanson is shown with the drawing of the Swan and the Sun (Swanson).

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